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Most recent projects continued
 A great way to add character to a room is by adding wainscoting. In this project It was installed to the front and sides of the breakfast bar and to the sides of the cabinets as well as the cabinet fronts.

The cabinetry were painted with Benjamin Moores Advanced ( an acrylic / enamel based paint) to give a smoother,more level apearance. I also replaced the drawer pulls and knobsand installedTrim to the top edge of the cabinets to add some flair. Now that it is complete the kitchen has a brand new look and feel, all at a 3rd the cost of replacing.
Before adding wainscoting to the built-in , I had to open up the wall to expose the cable and electrical outlets and raise each of them so they would be hidden from view by the flat screen tv. Inside corner moulding and 1/4 round were added to finish off and hide the seams along the edges of the wainscoting.

1/4 round was also added to the base of the cabinets.    >
New trim>
<inside corner moulding
New wainscot panels installed>